Raw Green Granola

by thepearandthepurplepeach

For the first time last weekend I had Raw Green Granola in a parfait at one of my absolute favorite restaurants Earth To Table in Sydney’s Bondi Junction. This place is just amazing. Wonderful food, great service and the desert OMG they are to die for.

After eating my Green Granola Parfait it got me thinking that I should try making my own and this would also force me to use my dehydrator that I needed so desperately needed but don’t actually use. So late last night before I went to bed that’s exactly what I did.

I looked at a few recipes for inspiration. But decided to go with throwing things into a bowl and see what happens. This recipe is really easy. one bowl, put on the dehydrator sheet and wait till morning. I especially love how when you add milk it goes green. YUM

Tip: You could do this in the oven on a low heat until crisp if you don’t have a dehydrator.


What you Need:

1 cup buckwheat, soaked and sprouted
1 large ripe banana (Mashed)
1/3 cup dried fruit of choice, chopped (I used Sulfur free Apricots)
1/4 cup Evaporated cane Juice. (you could use coconut sugar, nector or maple surup)
2 tbsp chia seeds
2 tbsp hemp seeds
2 tbsp Sead Mix (Flax, Sunflower, Pepitas)
1 heaping tbsp Spirulina Powder
1 tsp vanilla extract
Cinnamon,cardamon, Fresh nutmeg to taste

What you Do:

Mash your banana good then combine and mix well with all other ingredients. add more Spirulina for a darker green, Spread mix onto dehydrator sheet and dehydrate @ 115 Degrees for 10 – 12 hours. I did mine for 10 with great results.

Serve with your favorite non dairy milk. I will also do this again and make a cashew yogurt for a parfait like I had at Earth to Table.