The Vegan Teahouse

by thepearandthepurplepeach


I have known Katie for a couple of years now i stalked her on FB but we finally met a while back at a Vegan cheese making course run at Alfalfa House in Enmore.


Since this time i have been a huge supporter of her addictive treats on offer. Katie started off selling at local markets and now distributes her wonderful morsels to local shops in and around Sydney and I think some of it even makes its way to Melbourne.

Well there is a gorgeous new product on the list that is so divine, sexy and delicious you need to source her out. (Serendipity) She is a dark, luscious, rich Fudge that sticks to your fingers and makes you close your eyes as you relish in the splendour. Products are Gluten Free & Refined sugar free.

All of TVT Offerings are named after girls names. I love this concept and you can tell that each one holds special meaning to Kate as the love and energy flows into the end result.

Not only are there tantalizing treats on offer but gorgeous hand blended teas that will address any and every tea drinking desire. My personal favorite is (Amrita) A Special blend of chai spices matched with Hazelnut milk and you have yourself some serious sex appeal!


I was also lucky to be a taste tester of TVT new nut butter (Alice) that also was just perfect and available in store now.

Big things are going to happen to this wonderful local business,

Check out TVT Website for all other products and stockists


With compassion

Brett xx